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Screenshot with not active "Start a conversation"

*** Original post on bio 729 as attmnt 557 by mansonigor AT at 2011-03-15 19:06:00 UTC ***

After adding ICQ contact to buddy list i can't request authorization of that contact: there is no such option in context menu.

This also causes disabling of "Start a conversation" option when contact uses antibot(in my case it was Qip Infium internal antibot). "Start a conversation" icon also not present.

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*** Original post on bio 729 by johan <senior.trety AT> at 2011-12-15 00:40:02 UTC ***

I confirm this bug:
ICQ user can not send me a request for authorization
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We recently rewrote some of the authorization code for Instantbird 1.2, is this still an issue in the nightly builds?
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That was only for receiving authorization requests, which are now shown in a notification bar on top of the contact list instead of modal dialogs.

I wouldn't know how to request authorization from one of my ICQ buddies myself -> confirming as NEW.
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*** Original post on bio 729 at 2012-05-09 10:37:17 UTC ***

For clearification:
Comment 0 is about an IB user requesting authorization from someone else while comment 1 is about the reverse situation (someone else requesting authorization from an IB user <- if there's an issue, please file a new bug for that).
On the behalf of Florian:
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