Set to "away" automatically when locking the OS.



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*** Original post on bio 840 at 2011-06-15 14:58:00 UTC ***

Instantbird should automatically set the status to "away" when the screen is locked (<Win>+l on Windows, Linux, and Mac at least let's you set a password for a screen saver).

flo also suggest setting the status to "busy" (or maybe "unavailable") if there's a full screen video/presentation, etc. (This might also apply to answering a VoIP call?)
*** Original post on bio 840 at 2012-06-30 11:31:12 UTC ***

I looked into the situation on Windows before, here's a rough sketch what needs do be done:

A window will receive notifications [1] on it's wndProc(or was it WindowProc?)-method about session status changes if one registers a handler [2] for that. We could react on this then.


I tried solving this with javascript once but injecting a javscript function as handler that forwards all messages that it doesn't handle to the normal window proc function failed horribly if I recall correctly.

Maybe it would be worth solving this on a toolkit level? There might be other interesting use-cases for reaacting on session status changes (maybe stopping media-playback in Fx/...)
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