Acknowledge new messages when using (Windows 7) Aero Peek to view a conversation window



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Viewing a new message using Aero Peek; the mouse pointer is hidden on the screenshot but it was hovering the thumbnail over the taskbar to show the respective window.

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With Aero Peek you can have a look at windows without having to focus them.
Having a peek at the focused conversation of a conversation window could mark the new messages as read (removing the unread-style from the tab, ..) so you'll know next time if there were new messages in the meantime.

See the attachment for how that works. I'm not sure if this is even possible to do though.

In my opinion it would be necessary to only acknowledge the messages if the mouse pointer was pointing at the thumbnail for "long enough" so that there was the chance to really read the messages. Unfortunately there's no way to tell afaik.

The only way I can think of to do it (and it doesn't follow the idea mentioned in the previous paragraph) is to acknowledge when the thumbnail is rendered (we can receive a |drawThumbnail()| or |drawpreview()| call on a custom |nsITaskbarPreviewController| (for details see, no matter if the user even had a look at the window or not :(

Maybe someone comes up with a crazy idea how to implement this though, so filing this despite all problems it seems to have. ;)
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Also something to consider is whether all new messages are still available on the window (since you won't be able to scroll in aero peek).

We could simply add a "Mark as read" button to the aero peek UI.
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