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I saw a concept drawing someone had made online and thought it would be a good idea for an option. To have tabs for each account would be very useful for users with long contact lists but it would be a hassle for those with short ones so obviously this should be something that can be turned on and of in preferences. 
Like this.

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*** Original post on bio 1280 at 2012-02-17 10:11:44 UTC ***

The problem I see with this is that "account type" is a really arbitrary way to group your contacts. The whole point of a multi-protocol messenger is to make it unimportant which account somebody is on anyway, and to be able to unify contacts from different accounts if they represent the same person. That's why Instantbird offers a tag system to group contacts any way you like (accounts are a possibility too of course).

The idea I take from this is "provide a tabbed interface in the contacts window", but this would have to be proposed in a way compatible with the tag system.

Thanks for your feedback!
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