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Inline received media


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It would be nice if received media was inlined into the conversation so a new page wouldn't need to be opened. GTalk on Gmail does this and Mibbit does too, and I generally find it convenient. I believe Mic had an example add-on that did this (but required disabling some security options).

Some examples of what could be shown:
Images are automatically put in place of their URL
YouTube videos would automatically be inserted
The first paragraph of a Wikipedia link could be given as a tooltip
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aleth asked me for a screenshot for how LimeChat does this.

Note that the screenshot doesn't convey the awesomeness that is an animated GIF. I probably should have created a GIF instead.
Another example from the wiki with Bugzilla links
See Also: → 1209854
What if this plugin could be whitelisted so only certain domains and CDNs are permissible e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook etc?
Rod, I'm not 100% sure of the security issue for allowing this, i.e. I'm not sure if allowing only certain domains would "solve" anything or not.

Maybe Florian can elaborate on the issues with this.
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On the behalf of Florian:
Closing bugs related to the Instantbird UI as WONTFIX, as the development of the standalone chat client Instantbird has stopped. Instantbird users are encouraged to migrate to Thunderbird. The user interface of instant messaging in Thunderbird will feel familiar, as the Thunderbird IM support started as a fork of Instantbird.
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This is closed, but I came across probably the "sane" way to do this... oEmbed provides a standardized way to go from a "link" to a piece of structured data to embed:

They also give suggestions on security in there (which boils down to an iframe with limited scope, IIRC).

I'd still like to see this done for Thunderbird, but likely won't have the time to implement it myself.
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I'm going to reopen this and move it to TB: IM. I think it applies as equally there and probably matches what users expect from modern instant messaging clients (e.g. Slack).
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