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This would be in the context menu of tweets, and open a MUC containing the reply chain of the tweet.

As of 14 weeks ago "there's currently no public API to obtain this nor a schedule I can offer to Twitter providing one."

How to get the parent tweets in the chain
"When a status contains an in_reply_to_status_id field, then it is considered a reply to a preceding status, which is then fetched by requesting the particular status referenced by in_reply_to_status_id."
"Just check the JSON field "to_user", which contains screen_name of the @replied person. If its null, you can assume its not a reply."

How to get the child tweets in the chain
(I could only find "experimental API" suggestions which seemed to be unreliable or obsolete according to comments.)
"When you use the search.twitter.com, look for a field name in_reply_to_status_id This contains the original status_id to which this tweet was a reply. Next, there is a currently unsupported/undocument api call to get the whole conversation:
The value (169145505824256000) is the status_id you want to retrieve the conversation for."

But "related" tweets:
"pretty much aren't related at all. They're just recent tweets to / from the users mentioned in the original tweet, not replies to the original tweet."
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