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Keep the 50 debug log messages just before a disconnection with an error, even after the account is reconnected


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This is needed for example to have debug logs of spurious I/O errors on IRC.
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This looks good and seems to work as expected, it would be really nice to have some viewer that supports styling for this data, however.
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I want to add some stuff here about what happens, maybe those details would be of use.

Firstly not all nets disconnect at the same frequency regardless of activity. I am currently connected to,,,,, and

Here are some things I noticed about them

firstly Quakenet disconnects the most often, I have seen disconnects 30 minutes apart and even 2 minutes after the last message I recieved. In addition to that it also still keeps my nick in the server the moment I disconnect. Here is also another log from quakenet: hardly ever seems to disconnect even if its just as idle or even more idle then the other nets. also a log of that one for good measure:

the other nets disconnect at the frequency posted above. 

I see it being moved to resolved fixed, I don't know if its in the latest nightly but if it is the issue is still there for me.
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oops wrong bug post, derp
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