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Disable OS X Address Book testing in xpcshell-tests due to 10.8 and later issues


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Thunderbird 29.0
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The current xpcshell tests for the address book only really test the fact the OS X Address book is in preferences, and some of the outlying things work, e.g. the name of the book and some of its properties (e.g. read-only) are correct.

The 10.8 xpcshell-tests (currently hidden) are broken, because the builders can't access the OS X Address Book due to the new permissions system that Apple brought in and I can't find a way in which we could set up the builders to avoid it.

In any case, the OS X Address Book tests aren't currently adding much value, and two out of three of the instances aren't actually testing anything due to relying on detecting OS X by the old rdf uris rather than the newer component URIs.

Hence, lets just disable OS X Address Books in tests, and then we should be able to get 10.8 xpcshell-tests mainly green.
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This disables OS X in the tests (also note: we could never test the contents of the Mac address book, as that would require altering the user's local AB which would be risky).

Try server run is here:

You can compare with trunk with:
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v2 - I'd missed a couple of tests, adding abSetup.js should disable the OS X AB for those tests. New try server push:
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Try server runs are green.
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Looks fine to me. Thanks Mark!
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This is test-only, so taking onto all branches so we can make visible the 10.8 xpcshell builders on those branches (and cut down the current length of builds that they take, the timeouts make these ~ 120 mins, with this fixed, we get ~ 20 mins).
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