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This comment was posted by Dan Boresjo ( on
n.p.m.general today:

Can anyone here tell me what kind of organisation is? Is it a
corporation, association, charity or whatever? In what state/nation is it

I tried searching the website for registration details in the
hope of finding a a constitution, articles of association or incorporation etc
and found nothing. Is it then just a netscape operation - ie when I see a
copyright notice identifying as IP owner is that (legally) the same
as Netscape Corporation?

After trying to search the site myself, I could not find anything either. I
think we need a statement that answers the above questions. Call it About or something, and link it from

Comment 1

16 years ago
I pointed a recent poster asking something similar at the 1.0 Guide, . Not sure that answers this question, though.

What was being thought of as when whatever it is started
calling itself that originally, back in 1998?

" and the Mozilla Organization are consensual hallucinations."

" is a domain name registered by jwz initially, and we kept using the
name out of habit."

Comment 2

15 years ago
I think explains the question nicely
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