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Cluttered bookmarks over period of syncing


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Steps to reproduce:

I have been using Firefox Sync since Weave days, on upwards of 5 Firefox (nightly most often) installs.

Actual results:

As can be seen in the screenshot attached, the bookmarks drop-down has become cluttered. There are multiple separators not separating anything. There are multiple instances of the same names (e.g., Recently Bookmarked).

Expected results:

Separators could be excluded if they are next to other separators. Entries (folders at least) with same names could be merged.

I could clean this up once, but will it happen again? Or is it just a result of years of syncing?
I have seen this, but I think we already have at least one bug open about it...
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Until early 2011, Weave/Sync's bookmark code was buggy. It included lots of opportunities for your bookmarks to be moved around or duplicated.

Even now, there are some known edge cases in the protocol (Bug 814801), and quite conceivably some other bugs.

But most likely you either have old dodgy data sticking around on the server that occasionally gets ticked, or the damage was already done, and no further damage is occurring.

It should be safe for you to rearrange your bookmarks and remove duplicates. I recommend:

* If you have an Android device connected to your account, make sure it's on decent wifi.
* On your desktop, uncheck "Bookmarks" in Sync preferences. That'll delete any old data on the server.
* Fix up your bookmarks however you choose. You might find useful.
* Check "Bookmarks" again, and wait for a sync to complete.
* If you have an Android device, open Android's Settings app, go to "Accounts & sync", pick "Firefox Sync", hit the menu button next to your Sync account, and pick "Sync now". Wait for it to finish spinning.

There are reasons why things don't get automatically cleaned up, but not much point in going over those reasons -- it won't help you!

Thanks for the report.
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Whiteboard: [sync:bookmarks][sync:rigor][sync:scale]
We've made lots of improvements since this bug was filed. Please re-open if this continues to be a problem.
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