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migrate non-APK-installed apps to synthetic APKs


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When a user first installs a version of Fennec that supports synthetic APKs, we should migrate the user's non-APK-installed apps to synthetic APKs.

We could simply tell the user to reinstall their apps, but it'd be better to walk them through the process, perhaps via a flow similar to the one we're implementing for updates (in which Fennec notifies that user that updates are available and prompts the user to install them).

(I think there's already a bug about this, but I can't find it.  If you know which it is, please dupe this one to that one!)
Keywords: uiwanted
I am leary of committing to this. AFAIK, we were waiting for a product decision on this.

Technically, I think it would be possible to detect the launch of an existing shortcut based app, and then migrate it on first launch. 

The alternative would be to install multiple synthesized APKs all at once, which would necessitate the user clicking OK on the package installer each time.
(In reply to James Hugman [:jhugman] [@jhugman] from comment #1)
> I am leary of committing to this. AFAIK, we were waiting for a product
> decision on this.

I think a product decision was already made, and the decision was "P2, not a blocker for the MVP."  But I can't find an artifact to that effect.
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [WebRuntime]
Currently it is not possible to unregister (uninstall) an existing legacy application if a user migrates to a newer version of Firefox (e.g, 28 to 29). The old approach, long-tap on the icon in about:apps and select uninstall is no more.
Per bug 1235869, we're going to disable the Android web runtime, so we won't fix this bug in it.

(This is part of a bulk resolution of bugs in the Firefox for Android::Web Apps component, from which I attempted to exclude bugs that are not specific to the runtime, but it's possible that I included one accidentally.  If so, I'm sorry, and please reopen the bug!)
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