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Steps to reproduce:

I have an extension that i develop, and every time i close and re-open the extension, the memory usage of the browser keeps going up.
I've created an almost empty, example extension, that using it generated the same result - can be downloaded here:

(It is harmless, you can unzip the XPI first to check the code).

After installing, you will have a new "Example" button that will open an empty side bar (can also be opened by pressing ctrl+M). Open the side bar, and then close it by Clicking X on the sidebar. 

Doing it over and over again, every time i closed the sidebar, firefox gained around 12MB extra RAM.
Note that for some reason, the major memory increase happened on CLOSING the extension and not while opening it.

I used a brand new profile. The memory issue didn't reproduce EVERY time, but i did managed to reproduce it many times.

Actual results:

Firefox RAM usage kept growing.

Expected results:

Every time the extension was closed, the RAM it used should have been released.

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5 years ago
Forgot to mention that this behavior didn't happen on firefox 16, but does happen on firefox 26 (and beta)
Off-topic, but you might want to beware that in Firefox 29, when Australis lands, that Ctrl+m is used to open the 'Menu' , so your addon is going to conflict with that short-cut command.
Hello eadan.y,

Is this still an issue for you? If so, please try upgrading to the newest version of Firefox and let us know if this is still an issue. Thanks.
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Closing due to lack of response from the reporter. If you feel this is a pertinent issue, please provide the requested information and reopen. Thanks!
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