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ESRB rating for app under test seems suspicious


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steps to reproduce:
1. Load
2. Notice the content ratings

expected behavior:
ESRB rating is Adults only since the app claims to have "Explicit Sex Illegal Drugs Extreme Violence"

observed behavior:
ESRB rating is teen which makes it appropriate for 13+

Note that this rating actually matches the one I received from ESRB. If the rating is indeed valid, feel free to close the bug.
This is a correct rating. The ESRB has special logic when the question regarding "Digital Content Portal" is answered "Yes". The ESRB assumes that those applications are like a Netflix app, providing open access to a large variety of content. The ESRB logic subsequently ignores other data provided, since it would most likely relate to the varied content (e.g., movies) provided by the application.  Our thinking is that parents are more likely to have a general level of concern for apps such as Netflix rather than a level of concern based on the entirety of their movie set. Other rating boards do not use this kind of logic, which can cause the T - No Descriptors rating to look out of place.
Thanks for filing and thanks for the detailed answer.  Closing bug.
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