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[META] RTSP for 2.0


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: RTSP, defect)

Gonk (Firefox OS)
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(Reporter: wesley_huang, Unassigned)



      No description provided.
Depends on: 940463
Alias: b2g-RTSP-1.4
No longer depends on: 940463
Depends on: 940463
Depends on: 940461
Depends on: RTSP
Depends on: 929897
No longer blocks: 1.4-EPM-Tracking
Depends on: 898866
Depends on: 951278
Depends on: 964581
Depends on: 964548
Depends on: 964134
Depends on: 961926
Depends on: 965052
Depends on: 965062
Depends on: 964209
Depends on: 966623
Depends on: 945603
Depends on: 929907
No longer depends on: 929897
Depends on: 940460
Depends on: 963565
No longer depends on: 898866, 945603
remove the recursive dependency.
No longer depends on: 961926
No longer depends on: 940463
No longer depends on: 929907
No longer depends on: 940460
No longer depends on: 940461
Hi, Wesley,

Not sure if you still remembered that Jason gave us a good suggestion of RTSP (V1.3).
In order to dig out more potential issues, RTSP needs to do the security review.

I also agree the idea.
So, do you think we need to tag "sec‑review" on this bug.
Any thought? Thanks.
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
Flags: sec-review?(ptheriault)
I'm fine to tag "sec-review" on this as long as it doesn't overwhelm security team.
Supposedly PM will do the tagging on each user story bug, and that should cover.
Flags: needinfo?(whuang)
No longer depends on: 965052
No longer depends on: 964134
Depends on: 972205
Depends on: 898866
Depends on: 966625
Depends on: 975257
Depends on: 973840
No longer depends on: 973840
Depends on: 980040
Component: General → RTSP
Alias: b2g-RTSP-1.4 → b2g-RTSP-1.5
Summary: [META] RTSP for 1.4 → [META] RTSP for 1.5
No longer depends on: 966625
Alias: b2g-RTSP-1.5 → b2g-RTSP-2.0
Blocks: 2.0-RIL/Net/Conn
No longer blocks: 1.4-RIL/Net/Conn
Summary: [META] RTSP for 1.5 → [META] RTSP for 2.0
blocking-b2g: --- → backlog
Depends on: 998899
Depends on: 1005865
Depends on: 1005861
Depends on: 1005854
No longer depends on: 964548
No longer depends on: 964581
No longer depends on: 898866
No longer depends on: 972205
Depends on: 1006484
Depends on: 966625
Depends on: 1006516, 1006530, 1007577
Depends on: 1005031
Depends on: 898866
Depends on: 1006470
Depends on: 1009497
Depends on: 940460
blocking-b2g: backlog → ---
Flags: sec-review?(ptheriault)
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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