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We have a new type of email that we'll be sending via ExactTarget (Bug 916304) - a Transactional email for any/all App Developers who submit an app (  Theses emails won't go out often, but are reserved for need-to-know information to alert app developers if/when there are changes to the Marketplace and action is needed to keep their app live.

These app submitters will have a new FLG in Master_Subscribers. The problems is that we want to make sure that these app developers cannot unsubscribe from these kinds of emails - so the FLG must be hidden, and if someone globally unsubscribes, they will still be subscribed to this flag.

Options to solve the problem:

1) Add a "Hide" checkbox column in basket so that if a flag has this box checked, it will NEVER show in the email preference center, even if their FLG = Y for that flag.

2) Show this subscription flag, title, and description in the email preference center, but provide no way to unsubscribe (the radio buttons are grayed out), and there's an explanation of why they're subscribed to receive this info. 

3) Do either option 1 or 2 and then add in a disclaimer below the "submit" button that says (Please note: you will continue to receive e-mails regarding your Firefox Marketplace App.) (And then in the future we can add in any other transactional email program titles.

We'll have to get this approved by Legal before we make changes, but this is something we'll need to solve in Q1 (possibly sooner rather than later).


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Component: Newsletters → Basket
Product: → Other Applications
Jessilyn - is there a legal bug we can add as a blocker to this task?
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Summary: [basket] new show/hide flag functionality for email preference center → New show/hide flag functionality for email preference center
Product: Other Applications → Websites

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4 years ago
No legal bug at this time. Ben/I will add it when it becomes needed next year based on 2015 priorities.

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4 years ago
Reviving this bug - same need, but different reason.

We're sending "Download Android" emails (soon to be "Download Mobile") to people who want an email with a link to download Firefox for Android so that they can get the link on their mobile device.

We have the ability to make this kind of thing happen in the basket interface (yay!), but with the different testing of different messages (snippet email, email for x campaign, etc.) our email preference center is starting to get cluttered with the FLG=Y for this kind of one-time, transactional email. (We set a FLG to Y in ET just b/c it's the fastest way to set up a transactional email.)

Case in point (See also attached screenshot):

We need to have a new functionality in the basket admin interface that allows to turn off the flag from showing in someone's email preference center, even if their FLG is Y.

Idea to solve for it:

Create a "Hide" column that will always "hide" the subscription flag info even if the person's FLG is set to Y

This needs to happen this month before another round of Android emails is enabled on snippet.

Pmac - is this doable by June 18?
Assignee: jdavis → pmac

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Created attachment 8617550 [details]
Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.10.07 PM.png

Screenshot of "Download Firefox for Android" showing up as a newsletter subscription - when it's used only for a 1 time email send at the time it is requested on the Download Android page (Bug 1146982): (click on "Get Firefox for Android" button)

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4 years ago
Hey pmac! Do you have bandwidth to tackle this feature this month?
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Looks to me like this is already what the "active" option in the basket admin does. Give that a try and see if it works for you.
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4 years ago
Yessssss! Thank you. Bniolet and I just tested and it works splendidly!

Updated the basket slide documentation for future reference:

Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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Sorry that reply took me so long, but glad it works!
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