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ReviewBoard supports sending emails when updates occur. We're conducting a review on and I have not seen any emails in my inbox. I don't see an option to enable emails for my account.

IMO ReviewBoard without notifications is not usable.

Can we please enable email updates on our ReviewBoard instance?
This something you can handle, fubar?
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I'm not sure it was necessarily required, but I've added the postfix satellite setup. Looks like the rest is reviewboard settings:

Enabled sending messages for review requests and reviews, and when review requests are closed; I think sending via will work, but if someone could test and let me know, that'd be spiffy (or, if not, so I can go check the logs).
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I just added a comment to and didn't receive an email.
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[Fri Jan 10 16:29:46 2014] [error] ERROR:root:Error sending e-mail notification 
with subject 'Re: Review Request 24: Bug 875562 - Part 4: Add Support for crash 
event files to CrashManager' on behalf of '"Gregory Szorc [:gps]" <>' to '"Benja
min Smedberg  [:bsmedberg]" <>,"Ted Mielczarek [:ted.mielczarek]" <>,"Gregory Sz
orc [:gps]" <>': {'"Gregory Szorc \\\\[:gps\\\\]" <>': (501, '5.1.3 Bad recipien
t address syntax'), '"Ted Mielczarek \\\\[:ted.mielczarek\\\\]" <>': (501, '5.1.
3 Bad recipient address syntax'), '"Benjamin Smedberg  \\\\[:bsmedberg\\\\]" <>'
: (501, '5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax')}

Yeah, sending to :ircnick isn't going to work very well. Looks like the email address fields aren't populated for users in Reviewboard. :mcote, tag, you're it.
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Aha oops.  Okay, I uploaded a new egg to the same place with that fix (  I discovered another problem, namely, that if a Bugzilla user changes their email, a new Review Board user will be created instead of the old one being updated, since I key off of the username when querying the db.  It's not a huge deal right now, but I'll fix it eventually.

Note that I am on PTO for two weeks starting Monday.  This was a tiny change so everything should be fine.  If you run into problems deploying it, ping smacleod or mconley I guess.
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Updated with the new egg. :gps, let us know if it works or doesn't?
I submitted a comment about 2 minutes ago and haven't received anything yet :/
[Thu Jan 23 20:12:06 2014] [error] SMTPRecipientsRefused: {'"Gregory Szorc \\\\[:gps\\\\]" <>': (501, '5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax'), '"Ted Mielczarek \\\\[:ted.mielczarek\\\\]" <>': (501, '5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax'), '"Benjamin Smedberg  \\\\[:bsmedberg\\\\]" <>': (501, '5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax')}

So, still in :mcote's court.
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Ah blah, of course, those users were added before this change.  Hm.  I guess I'll have to add something that checks if a user's email is blank each time a user is fetched from the db.  Not much else I can do aside from wiping the db.  I'll work on that shortly.
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I was overthinking things; I just need fubar to copy the username column over to the email column for all entries in the auth_user table where email is blank.
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Ok, should be good to go. Test away...
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I just received email from Review Board! Did you get what I sent, gps?
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I received an email \o/
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I guess this is resolved!
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