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Home banner icon loaded from chrome:// URI is too small


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This sounds similar to bug 921668, but I'm experiencing this issue with chrome:// URIs now.

This loosely blocks bug 958891 because I'd like to include that icon as a chrome URI, but I can always fall back to just using a data URI if needed.

wesj, do you know where along the line this might be going wrong?
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I don't know what code path we're following, but if we're going down this path, we're not passing in the resources anywhere:
scaleType=center won't scale the image:

centerCrop,fitCenter, or centerInside will

Other than that, we should probably do some blog posts/write some utilities to help detect DPI and use it provide better/correct resolution resources from JS (as well as documenting the expected resolutions better).
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But how does that explain the difference between chrome:// URIs and data: URIs? I tried loading the same image as a data: URI, and that actually made it large as expected.
I'm just going to use Android resources for bug 958891, so this doesn't block anymore, although it would still be good to investigate this bug at some point.
No longer blocks: 958891
Blocks: 1162107
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