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Drop unused forward-declarations and includes in layout/forms/nsI*Frame.h


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While skimming some layout/forms classes for bug 101019, I noticed that the various nsI[XYZ]Frame.h interfaces there all have some unused forward decls (and a few unused #includes).

Filing this bug on dropping those.
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I verified that none of these classes are mentioned in the .h files in question, and I also verified that I can still compile with this patch applied (which effectively should mean that it's correct).
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aside: I also noticed that the nsIComboboxControlFrame header-comment is blindly copied from nsIFormControlFrame, and as such, is 100% incorrect (" the common interface for frames of form controls...") :)

This has been the case since that file was first added to CVS back in January 1999:

Tomorrow, I'll add a second patch here to make that comment slightly closer to reality.
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Actually, I just folded that comment-fix into the existing patch.
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Summary: Drop unused forward-declarations and includes in layout/forms/nsI* → Drop unused forward-declarations and includes in layout/forms/nsI*Frame.h
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Sanity-check try run, just in case we have some platform-specific file that implicitly depends on one of the decls/#includes that this patch removes:
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