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Sync banner promo links in bookmark/add-on panels need to continue working; consider re-setting sync counts


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Two concerns raised by Marco in bug 958300 comment 1:

- We have "Hey, set up sync" promo banners in the "add bookmark" and "remember password" panels (see bug 618913), those should continue to work with the new sync setup flow

- We only show those panels 5 times (and allow users to explicitly close them to prevent them from hiding them again). We may want to consider re-setting the "don't show anymore" prefs on upgrade to new-sync to re-promote the feature?
we also show the promobox when installing add-ons (if add-ons sync is not enabled)
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So, first of all, these are the links we have in the promo banners, they should be verified and eventually corrected if they are not what we expect, please let me know if we should change some of the interactions here.

Appears on the "Remember Password for this site" doorhanger if Sync is disabled:
- You can access your passwords on all your devices with Sync. Learn More
  clicking Learn More goes to

Appears on the Star panel when editing an already starred bookmark if Sync is disabled:
- You can access your bookmarks on all your devices with Sync. Learn More
  clicking Learn More goes to

Appears on the install add-on doorhanger if Sync is disabled:
- You can access your add-ons on all your devices with %S. Learn More
  clicking Learn More goes to

Appears on the install add-on doorhanger if Sync is enabled but add-ons are not synced:
- You can use your Sync account to synchronize add-ons across multiple devices. Learn More
  clicking Learn More goes to

Ryan, could you please check which of these wording/links should be changed, or redirect to someone who could?
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Attached patch patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
this is the patch to reset the counters and start showing the promobox again.
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John, could you please check comment 2 and let me know which of that wording/link I should change?
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Too late to change the wording for 29, but thankfully those look OK. We're going to need to adjust the links probably, but let's not block this bug on that. I'll file a separate bug to track it.
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Bug 972524 covers sumo, I filed bug 978346 for (which is where the links currently redirect to).
Carry over to Iteration it-30c-29a-28b.3
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Depends on: 977472, 972524
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Comment on attachment 8381495 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v1

I think we won't need to change the links after all. Let's get this patch landed and then resolve this.
OK, the patch will need an unbitrot since I see someone already added migration 21. Will do that asap.
Attached patch patch v1Splinter Review
just an unbitrot
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I assume this should get uplifted to Aurora soon.
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