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From David's email:

"It seems that the language issue we spoke about previously isn’t performing exactly as we expected.  When the region is changed for a specific app, while the rating adjusts correctly, the content descriptors don’t.  The descriptors displayed aren’t the English translation of the descriptors, they are just the “Generic” rating content descriptors.
As an example , the Brazilian Content descriptors in the app below are –
Conteúdo Sexual, Linguagem Imprópria
However, when Brazil is selected as the region on the Firefox Marketplace, the descriptor displayed is
While we would prefer “Conteúdo Sexual, Linguagem Imprópria” to be displayed regardless of the default language of the browser, we can understand if is necessary to translate this into English.  However, just displaying the “Generic” rating content descriptor “Language” is incorrect.
It seems this happens in all territories.  In Germany instead of “Explizite Sprache” or Explicit Language, the storefront displays “Language”."


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4 years ago
Kevin, I just want to make sure that this has been corrected.  I know it says fixed...but it is tough for me to get screenshots from Germany to confirm.

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4 years ago
Hey David, here is what I changed:

'Gambling' -> 'Real Gambling'

'Language' -> 'Explicit Language'

'Language' -> 'Inappropriate Language'
'Shocking Content' -> 'Impacting Contact'
'Sex' -> 'Sexual Content'
Was missing 'Sex'

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4 years ago
Created attachment 8364025 [details]

If this fixes it, OK...but it seemed to me that the descriptors posted weren't USK or CLASSIND.  It looked like it was just posting the "Generic" content descriptors instead.  I may be wrong.

Also, please look at the attached screenshot.  The translations are still wacky.  This was what I see when the region is changed to Germany.  The text is in Spanish.

Was this fix pushed live on Tuesday?  Would it correct previously rated apps?

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4 years ago
Sorry, the ones I posted were after being translated. From there, they will be localized to other languages. 

It was pushed live and would fixed previously rated apps. I will look into the Spanish language on Germany region issue.

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4 years ago
Where are the left side of your mappings (in comment #3) coming from?  It still appears that what is happening is that the generic content descriptors are being applied to all regions and translated.  To further support this notion, check out "Mancala" again.  In the screenshots in our original email it was showing up as a USK 12 with a "Language" descriptor.  Since that time, PEGI updated the rating to remove the "Language" descriptor for both the PEGI and Generic ratings.  Now, Mancala is showing up with no "Language" descriptor despite the USK not making any changes to their rating information.

To be clear, each record from GET_APP_INFO contains not only regional ratings, but also region-specific content descriptors (e.g., <FIELD NAME="descriptors_USK" TYPE="string" VALUE="" />).  These are not just translations of the same word.

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4 years ago
In my https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=960400#c3, those aren't mappings but changes from BEFORE -> AFTER.

For "Mancala", our DB no longer shows that it holds the USK "Explicit Language" descriptor. Perhaps that app was updated?

Did PEGI and Generic actually just remove the "Language" descriptor? If so, we will need to make updates to reflect that.

This is how we are doing translations now for descriptors. We took the string that was passed to us (e.g. "Drogen" for USK "Drugs"), translated to English ("Drogen" -> "Drugs"), which will then be translated to multiple, other languages (not just German). When it is translated back to German, it would then display "German".

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4 years ago
I'm only seeing one "Mancala" in our database and it still has "Explizite Sprache" as the content descriptor.  See here for a look at what I've got - http://imgur.com/JTj3rTC

Does that help or should I try to dig up more examples?


4 years ago
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