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[meta][Session Restore] Provide a clean API for accessing data object


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At the moment, saving proceeds as follows:
1. collect data;
2. build big object;
3. serialize object;
4. send to worker for writing.

I would like to replace step 2 by something a little more abstract that will later let us rework the back-end without having to rewrite everything.
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Rough sketch of a possible API

Yes, that seems like an interesting thing to have and it would probably make the code a little more explicit about what just happened and why we're updating state. It seems like a big project though so I wouldn't really want to tackle that until we're sure we're doing something that would profit from differential updates.
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Turning this into a meta-bug, as we'll be doing this piece-wise.
Keywords: meta
Summary: [Session Restore] Provide a clean API for accessing data object → [meta][Session Restore] Provide a clean API for accessing data object
Note that the ongoing work is about providing access to the state (i.e. replacing `getBrowserState` & co.), not changing state in a way that will be mirrored automatically by the DOM (i.e. we are not replacing `setBrowserState` & co.).
No longer blocks: Session_managers

I don't think we'll end up doing this particular piece, since we already have gained a WebExtension API for sessionstore.

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