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Show compatibility error if an add-on uses downloads-indicator


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As explained in bug 847863, the downloads-indicator DOM node was removed in favor of downloads-button. We need to flag all instances of this identifier being used and show an error.

This is a compatibility error, so the add-on should not be upgraded in this case.


The downloads-indicator node was removed from the DOM. You should be able to use downloads-button instead. See <LINK> for more information.


Affected add-on:

You can use these previous compatibility validation bugs as reference:[fx26]&

For Firefox 27 we only need this one. If possible I'd like this in the next push, but it can be delayed if necessary.
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That add-on does not seem to be invalid. It references `#downloads-indicator-icon` in the CSS but that does not appear to be going away. I had to modify an add-on to get errors out of it, it is attached.

Running `./addon-validator --for-appversions '{"{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}": ["27.*"]}' uses-downloads-indicator.xpi -o json | tail -n 1 | python -mjson.tool` against my uploaded add-on gives:

    "compatibility_summary": {
        "errors": 3, 
        "notices": 0, 
        "warnings": 0
Ah, sorry for the bad example. If the modified version is working okay, I'm okay with the patch.
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This may be an issue but I'm not sure. The CSS test is not scoped by Firefox version so it is run for every version. If you upload an addon that states it only supports up to 26 or lower you will still get a hard validation error.

`./addon-validator --for-appversions '{"{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}": ["26.*"]}' uses-downloads-indicator.xpi` produces:

Detected type: Extension/Multi-Extension
Test failed! Errors:

Error:	The `#downloads-indicator` node was removed from the DOM.

... snip ...

So is that a problem or is it expected?
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Depends on: 965156
That's a problem, and it caused bug 965156, apparently. This validation should only appear as an error when doing compatibility checks for Firefox 26. For all other cases it should only appear as a compatibility warning. That's how all previous compatibility checks have worked.
Flags: needinfo?(jorge)
Should this always be a warning? If you want to support both 26 and 27 you will still need to handle #downloads-indicator, won't you?
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