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Currently, the ordering of the usernames in the "Contributors to this page" list does not appear to be in a deterministic order. It also includes users whose contributions have been completely reverted.

I propose that this list be ordered by the percentage of the page the user authored, with the user with the greatest contribution listed first.

What problems would this solve?
This would provide appropriate recognition for greater levels of contribution to a page by listing the most significant contributors first, without needing an "owner" byline on the page (which has been found anecdotally to discourage others from modifying the page). 

Contributors whose contributions no longer appear on the page would no longer appear in the credits. 

Who would use this?
Editors, admins, and readers who are interested in the authorship of page. 

What would users see?
The appearance of the credits list would remain the same (pace bug 703490). Only the ordering of the names would be different from currently.

What would users do? What would happen as a result?
When a user makes a change to a page, their username would not automatically appear in the credits. Their username would appear only after the process of updating the author order is complete (which should be done asynchronously from the save operation, for performance).

Is there anything else we should know?
I realize that this idea might be way too computationally expensive to be worth implementing per se. Still, if we can find a way to suppress the names of users whose edits were reverted, that would be helpful.

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5 years ago
This is subsumed by the "top contributors" feature. Is there a bug for that?
Can we edit our bug descriptions yet? Maybe we should re-purpose this bug for it.

If not, I'll file a new one.
How would the contribution actually be determined? Would it just count the number of revisions done by the user? Or would it count the number changes a user made to the content?

Also, if a fine grained solution is chosen it should be clarified how the contribution is exactly calculated. E.g. if I create a page and then another contributor completely rewrites it, how much would my contribution be then? 0%, as all of my text was changed? Or would it be calculated by the number of lines the other contributor and I added/changed?
Furthermore note is that if the number of lines is considered, people may be encouraged to add redundant content in order to get a better rank.

And there are surely much more points to consider in order to get a good approximation of how much someone contributed.

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