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Visual message alerts don't work with non-explorer shell, eg bblean


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24 Branch
Windows 7


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The small popup windows containing previews of new messages do not seem to work if you happen to be using a shell replacement app such as blackbox or bblean. The systray icon still appears and audio alerts still work, it's only the visual alerts that are affected. If I switch my shell back to explorer, they start working again immediately without changing anything else. I'm running v24 just now but it also affects every version I've used for the last 1-2 years if not longer.

I think this behaviour may be caused by the same sort of problem as described in this Firefox bug:
Well, bug 899011 fixed the core widget code for the Windows taskbar and thus should be picked up by Thunderbird as well, just not for 24.x yet. Right now, you should see that fix in the 29.0a1 nightly trunk ("Daily") builds. Please download the next one tomorrow (dated January 21) from and see if the problem persists there.

See for more information on these builds which reflect current development and may therefore contain substantial bugs (i.e., preferably use with some test e-mail account rather than your personal e-mail).
I've just tried installing the nightly version "29.0a1 (2014-01-21)", but it's still not showing the alert window unfortunately. Anything else I should try?
Ok, thanks for checking. It would have been nice if that fix also resolved the issue which you are seeing, but apparently it needs a separate solution.

Anything in Tools > Error Console (from the menu) that would help? Open it after logging in, then click on Clear and watch for any new messages in the console when new mail arrives that should prompt the alert.
Nothing in there at all, sorry!
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