Ensure all February work week tasks are ticketed and aligned with Webmaker roadmap



4 years ago
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Make sure everything listed for Feb work week is: 

* Clearly scoped
* Aligned with our roadmap
* Does not contain obvious gaps
* Ticketed. Remind space wranglers to ticket all work before work week starts.

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4 years ago
* Need to take another pass on:

* Then email to all stakeholders and crack whip on ticketing

* Michelle / Claw: is your new curriculum sprint proposal documented in there? Or not yet?
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Question... for tracking does it make sense for all tracks to have a tracking bug? This is a process mozilla reps have used in the past to some effect. It allowed for a quick look at how many bugs were open relating to particular tasks, and then how many we managed to close.

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4 years ago
Thanks Fuzzy! Possibly. But small steps first. Just getting everyone to scope and ticket their work well is the first priority. We can explore ways to get fancier later. Would welcome your ideas or prototypes there.

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4 years ago
@Matt: Not in there yet, see email re: how to best set it up beforehand.
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4 years ago
Proposal from Michelle:

* seed the "top 100 resources mapped to web literacy". 

The idea being: 
1) collect the best resources and content we know about
2) tag it, and have it ready for the Toronto workweek 
3) so that our new galleries, tools and demos have real content in them. 

This also tees us up for the Community Web Lit Curriculum sprint we've been planing for after the work-week. 


* 1) set up a Google spreadsheet with three columns: i) title of resource, ii) URL, and iii) relevant web literacy tag(s). 
* 2) We share this with the Mozteach group, asking everyone to add at least 10 resources, no matter how small or unpolished. They can be new, your favorite existing resources on Webmaker, anything.
* 3) By the end of next week, we have 100 resources as a starting point.

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4 years ago
Big +1s from Matt and Brett

* Need to: create individual tickets for the work above
* Add it to the work week etherpad
* Maybe document it as part of our content roadmap 

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4 years ago
* Lots of good progress on this today. Should be done by EOD Friday
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stumbled upon and am closing :)
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