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Hi - this is the first time I've filed a bug for FF desktop, so please bear with my lack of etiquette.

I am on 29.0a1 (2014-01-20).

I am on gchat with a friend who is using Chrome, and some messages get replicated on her end over and over again - typically 3-6 times before they stop. I don't see these replicated messages, but she does. This also happens regardless if I'm at work (in Mozilla SF) or at home, or a cafe, so I don't think it is a connection issue.

I verified that this doesn't happen when I switch to the most current beta build. (I'm sure people would be a lot more vocal if it were a problem).

Finally, I have cleared my cache & history, and the problem persists.

Obviously this is problematic because I don't know if it is a Nightly, Chrome, or gchat bug, but at the very least I have attempted to control for the other potential factors.
Do you happen to talk to anyone else on Gchat to see if they have the same problem? Does she only see the replicated messages when chatting with you?

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4 years ago
I verified it with two other people - they all see the same issue. One was using FF26. I asked her to clear her cache & history to see if that would fix it, to no avail.

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4 years ago
Oh, and she only sees it with chatting with me, as did the other folks who've told me. It really is a funny bug, because they originally thought I was acting like a jerk, continually repeating myself for effect.
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