Persona Sign-In Appears Twice Despite Successful Authentication



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(0) git repo: 9baf48b5
(1) Settings/Accounts/WMF/Sign In
(2) See Persona dialog asking for username/enter username
(3) See Persona dialog asking for LDAP pword/enter password
(4) Dialog seen in step 2 re-prompts when user expects to see 'enabled' status, instead

The good news is that the authentication works, and WMF is set to 'enabled' on the phone, it's just not obvious to the user and they think they aren't logged into persona.

If this issue will go away once we cut over to Firefox Accounts, I'd de-prioritize but wanted to let you know what I've experienced so far.
I didn't see the problem using these exact STR. Is it completely reproducible using these steps?

One way I did manage to reproduce this was to click the Sign In button twice, which caused two Persona dialogs to be loaded and stacked on top of one another, and then once you log in using the second one you still need to handle the first.

Given how long it takes for the Persona iframe to load, it is of course conceivable that a user would click the button twice -- perhaps this was your case? If so, there's a simple fix we can apply now, but that code will be completely changed once we switch to Firefox Accounts.
Sometimes it can be a Mozilla LDAP <-> Persona issue. I've not noticed this with gmail.

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5 years ago
Here's a video so you can see what's happening. NOTE, it's upside down and I definitely didn't shoot it as such so apologies in advance but here you go:
I added a temporary fix at . Like I said, this code will still undergo changes when we switch to FxA, but that's no excuse for keeping the code as sloppy as it was :)
Marking this resolved as we've long switched to Firefox Accounts.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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