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Ship LGPL-licensed Swedish dictionary


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The Swedish l10n team would like to ship the spell-checking dictionary fromörans-hemmasnickrade-ordli/ in Swedish builds of Firefox.

The dictionary is licensed under LGPL 3.0.

Can you tell us if that is OK?
Yes, we now ship LGPL code, which can include dictionaries. You need to add a note to about:license (ideally build-conditional; not sure how easy that is) in the LGPL section.

I don't think it is possible to ship this note just for Swedish versions, since they are not built separately. So I added the same caveat that has been used for other dictionary licenses.
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Add license block for Swedish dictionary

No, not like this. I was going to say to add it to the list of directory names at the top of the existing LGPL text in the file. However, I didn't realise it was LGPLv3+. That means we need a whole new license text, because our current LGPL text is LGPLv2.

It would be really awesome if you could devise a way to get the preprocessor to conditionally include this text... I'd rather not add however many extra lines to about:license just for the Swedish version...

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The preprocessor is unfortunately not going to help us here. The l10n builds are not generated by a full rebuild of the app, but by repacking the main (en-US) build with the locale files for the various locales. As license.html is not a localizable file, all language versions will share the same version of license.html that was created in the main build.

If file size is a concern, could we not replace the current LGPLv2.1 text with the LGPLv3 text? It seems to be used only by the Estonian dictionary (no version specified), and the libsoundtouch library (version 2.1, or later).
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With LGPL3 text

Thinking about it, I think we should just add the LGPLv3 with a note at the top. So r+ on that bit, and r- on the about:license#hunspell-sv part - you don't need to add that text to about:license at all. That text is designed to show that a file is under a particular license; it's not the license itself.

Please can you check that none of the IDs on the HTML elements you've added with the LGPLv3 text clash with IDs elsewhere in the document?

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Patch without the Swedish dictionary note.

I double-checked the file and found no ID clashes for the new elements.
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LGPL3 text only


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