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When I use the 1.3 simulator (7.0pre7.20140113), the device tab shows B2G 1.4 / Gecko 29, which suggests to me that it was not built correctly.  Might be OS X specific, as I haven't checked others.
:/ It looks like I pulled lastest b2g nightly instead of latest-1.3...
I imagine it will be the same for all platforms as I built from a common changeset.
Maybe this is an opportunity to script this build process further so such errors are harder to make?  Not sure how much manual work is involved.
Most of it is already scripted, but that's still very time consuming and can easily go wrong.
Here is the few manual step still required:
 - update URL of the b2g tarball on mozilla ftp
 - go to gaia folder, git fetch and then checkout the right branch
 - update addon version in Makefile and addon/package.json

What is currently misleading is that current r2d2b2g master is currently commited with version numbers, ftp url and gaia branch set for 1.2 release. So for releasing 1.3, you have to ensure updating all that correctly, without going to laster-master (for ftp) or upstream/master (for gaia)...

Hopefully, we may not have to update 1.2 xpis, as b2g and gaia are frozen.
So may be doing a 1.2 branch for r2d2b2g and setting master for 1.3 release may help?

And for 1.4, I hope releng is going to automatically build nightlies out of mozilla-central!
Component: Developer Tools: App Manager → Simulator
Product: Firefox → Firefox OS
Version: Trunk → unspecified
I've deployed updated builds of Simulator 1.3 (7.0pre9) for all platforms, which is now properly using the 1.3 code base.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
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