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Bring back more-than-one-native-event-per-gecko-event processing


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In bug 930793 I took the rather extreme approach to process only one native event
per gecko event. But as bug 961869 for example shows, that was a bit too much.
Instead of bringing back max 20ms processing, the patch gives max 10ms.

(pushed from a bit old tree)

(pushed from up-to-data)

Based on try the patch seems to work rather well.
tp doesn't seem to regress.

The old code was,275-278#253

(apparently roc is on vacation, so perhaps you avih can review this partial backout.)
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Good move. This is closer to how native events were processed before bug 930793 landed, but still without the starvation. /me likes.
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Backed out for making B2G reftests much more failure prone. R1 and R5 were near perma-fail after this landed. It's worth noting that the R1 failures are almost all on file, so it's probably exacerbating a preexisting timing issue.

Tryserver push with limit 20, which is the old value.
But I need to now test whether 20ms causes other regressions.
I thought it did...
looks like the fractal demo is still ok with 20ms.
Confirmed that B2G is a lot more green post-backout.
Nice, 20ms fails too. And I think wrapper.html is just broken.
...fixing another test.
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