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Downloads panel improvements


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There are various issues with the current Downloads Panel design:
- not enough downloads shown
- no speed
- order of downloads
- small actionable icons

I'm sure I've seen a mock-up of a redesign of the panel made by shorlander that was exactly addressing these issues. Regardless, we should improve the current design to satisfy more use-cases.
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Here's a downloads panel mock-up that shorlander was at least fiddling with:
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I might be able to work on this in a week (only Linux theming, though). Not yet assigning it to myself, will do so later. 

The mockups look pretty nice :)
I'd also like to work on this, but I think it'd be good to allow Stephen to ping us when he thinks the design/ mockup is done and ready for implementation.

Since there's quite a bit of text shown in the mockup, I'd like to discuss the technical implications of that wrt l10n, for example.
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A couple of minor tweaks to the mockups:

 - Should those vertical separators span the entire height of the item? On hover the length of the separator does this, which might look strange.
 - The 1022/1023 probably should have a unit somewhere 
 - What does the "show info" thing do (in detail)? Right now, a deleted download has no actions that can be taken. It also is devoid of feedback on the lack of the file (the item just sites there inert), but I'm not sure if we have a view for info on deleted downloads, or if we need one. If we don't have one but do need one, a mockup would be nice :)
I really don't think we should prioritize this until we have mockups ready and are sure it's actually more important than the myriad of P4/P5 issues we still have.
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Any updates on this? Been quite a long time since I saw some activity here and Downloads panel still looks inconsistent compared to other menu panels like Bookmarks, History etc.
We might need contributors help here, internal resources are quite limited and we are busy with higher priorities atm :/
This is sort of on my todo list, but I've got a lot of stuff to do on Servo first, and one other Firefox bug. Will take time.
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Still nothing? It's been more than half of the year since u guys were talking about this issue. Downloads panel is quite front faced feature like bookmarks or history and should be unified with them. 

I wouldn't say a word if it would be some low level menu, but that's not the case.
I've added the design spec bug to the suggestions for the 39.1 iteration.
It is quite strange to see some deep level windows being unified (e.g. Addons unified with Options recently) while something like Downloads panel is still untouched - for such a long time.

I believe that Downloads button is often placed on navigation panel or some other quite accessible place and used almost everyday - compared to Addons window, which is often used just once - to set up addons and being left untill some addon stop working because its outdated.

Don't get me wrong, I like all such changes. I'm just surprised by priorities.

It's something like arrow pointing from panels (Downloads, History, etc.) to its button. This arrow is touching button exactly on its border. Screenshot:

Arrow from app menu however overlaps the button by few pixels. Again, cosmetic bug which is being untouched by ages. Screenshot:
(In reply to Roman Müller from comment #14)
> It is quite strange to see some deep level windows being unified (e.g.
> Addons unified with Options recently) while something like Downloads panel
> is still untouched - for such a long time.

A lot of this work has been done by volunteers. Unfortunately, this really needs a spec and we don't have one. That's bug 1009021.
See Also: → 1265337

I am bumping this bug to indicate that in the current downloads panel, Polish text doesn't fit, as shown on this screenshot:
I see quick 2 solutions here:

  1. Simply resize downloads widget (should also check if similiar problem doesn't exist in other languages)
  2. Change "Pozostały czas:" ("Remaining time:") to "Pozostało:" ("Remaining:"). Shouldn't affect anything further, and should be the easiest to implement and put into the client without breaking anything.

(In reply to p0358 from comment #16)

This bug is about "polishing" something, ie making something nicer, not about the Polish Firefox translation. I used your comment to file bug 1544389 where the translation issue you mentioned will hopefully be fixed.

Type: defect → enhancement
Summary: Downloads panel polish → Downloads panel improvements
Severity: normal → S3
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