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[Legal][Marketplace][cs] Review Developer Agreements to reflect Content Ratings requirements



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(Reporter: CocoMo, Assigned: JasnaPaka)


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Hi Pavel,

I need you and the community to help with the review of this agreement.  

I worked with a localization agency qualified to localize legal related content.  I also shared all the info I can find from the l10n team page with them prior to the start of the project. As much as they tried, I do expect you to have lots of feedback from your review.  Please make a list of the general observations and examples to help them understand the issues and do a better job next time.

1). localized cs file:
2). en-US source:

Also don't forget to check the URLs. If you know there is the localized version, do update those.  If not, we may have to provide those at a later time.

Please note: during the merge, the agency noticed the "date" was mangled.  Be sure to change it to match "October 30, 2013" as in en-US.

Let me know if any questions.  Thanks,


5 years ago
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5 years ago
Created attachment 8366887 [details]
Corrections (WIP)

Hi Pavel, can I use this as your approved version or should I wait?  WIP means you are still working on it, right?  Also please pay attention to the URLs.  If there are localized version of the documents, we should point them to cs.  Thanks.
Hi Peiying, currently we are still working on it. I have sent Pavel two more corrections (typos).

About the URLs, we haven't made decision yet, but I personally think we can just ommit /en-US/ in links. The pages are not localized for now, but potentially could be in the future.

I want to ask one question - to avoid any problems in merging our corrections, can we update the whole file and make a Pull Request to GitHub repository?


5 years ago
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Pavel and Michal, I am not the one who merges the corrections.  I think it is doable.  Also, you can attach the file to the bug, and I will let the dev team to decide the proper way to do it.  Thanks!
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5 years ago
Created attachment 8370669 [details]

Here is final document with our changes in format: original -> our correction. And please replace all links to MDC ( with URL without l10n code because such articles can be localized. Thanks.
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Thanks Pavel.

Please clarify one more time on whether we should replace URL with localized or NOT to do so. I am a bit confused with your last statement.  Thanks!

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5 years ago
You should remove "en-US" from URLs because MDC redirects to right article automatically.
ah, got it.  Thanks!
this is fixed.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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