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4 years ago
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Build ID: 20131205075310

Steps to reproduce:

Opened Firefox on Google search page.
Searched for the word "Hello" (1) using the text box provided in the web page or (2) using the search text box of Firefox with google as default search engine.
Saw the List of search results for "Hello".
My search string was correctly writen in top text box of the search result page (text box at the right of the Google Logo).
Then, I edited that text box to search for "Bonjour" instead of "hello".
Saw the list of results and selected the first result (so I navigated to a random site).
Went back from that site to the search result page ...

Actual results:

(1) saw a buggy google top page.
(2) saw the search result page of the word "Bonjour" with the word "Hello" in the topmost textbox.

Expected results:

(1) Should have seen the search result page of the search "Bonjour" with the word "Bonjour" in the topmost text box.
(2) Should have seen the search result page of the word "Bonjour" with the word "Bonjour" in the topmost textbox.

Comment 1

4 years ago
This was my first and last bug report since bugzilla is showing the email adress (what ?????? how can this be in 2014 ?).

Comment 2

4 years ago
Your e-mail address is visible only to logged-in users.
Component: Untriaged → Document Navigation
Product: Firefox → Core
Whiteboard: [bugday-20140203][DUPEME?]

Comment 3

4 years ago
And spam harvesters don't know how to connect ?
Anyway, not giving people a CAPITALIZED WARNING about that while they create their account is rude.

Comment 4

4 years ago
You see, today, I have encountered another big bug that is not referenced. But I will NOT report it.

Comment 5

4 years ago
Because of the mail address showing and because I don't like the way you make people quit their job because of their political opinions.
Once this later bug will really bother me, I will stop using firefox.
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