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measure l10n completion daily


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We need to make sure we have translations for any strings changes we make before we can push those changes to production.

As such, we need a way to measure whether progress for translating.

Verbatim lets you see percent completed across all strings, but we don't actually care about all strings--just strings in specific parts of the codebase.

This bug is for implementing something that lets us see percent translated broken down by locale for the strings we're interested in over time.
This is important to do asap since it blocks future feedback form changes.

Making this a P1 for this quarter.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: u=dev c=l10n p=2 s=input.2014q1
I think this requires the following:

1. a script that computes the percentages

2. a script that runs via cron at some specified time of day that does an svn up and runs the script from 1 and outputs JSON

3. a dashboard template that pulls the JSON and displays it in some way that lets me know when things are good
Items 1 and 2 are in a PR:

After that lands, I'll work on a dashboard. The dashboard is lower priority since at that point we'll be getting data and I can just write a short command line script to display it and suss out the interesting bits. Given that, I might nix the dashboard idea or push it off to a separate bug.
Items 1 and 2 landed in master in:

Only thing left is to write a dashboard template that pulls the json and displays it in a way that's helpful.
The cron jobs didn't seem to run last night. Looking into it today.
I didn't write a dashboard template. Instead I wrote a script and put it in bin/. Why? Seemed easier to do plus I'm the only one looking at this information right now.

Going to call that good enough and mark this FIXED.
Closed: 7 years ago
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