Make mach show a numerical estimate (percentage? count?) of how much of build has completed



5 years ago
6 months ago


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5 years ago
Make mach show a numerical estimate (a percent value, or a count like [2495/7073]) of how much of the total build has completed -- so I can tell at a glance, e.g.,  I'm only 10% into the build (so I have a long time to go), or I'm 95% into the build (so I know it will be completing relatively soon).

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5 years ago
We had code for displaying progress in terms of directories iterated. We had to disable it because output was getting interleaved.

We could make the code more robust or enable it with gnu make 4.0's new option for obtaining a lock before writing to stdout.
That code to display directories is useless, especially with parallelism. Even the display of subtiers is useless with pseudo derecurse as it is inaccurate (because of how make treats dependencies). The only thing that would know how far in the build it is is make, and it can't display it.


6 months ago
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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