Thunderbird 24.2.0 British localisation on OSX repeatedly creates IMAP folder INBOX.Deleted



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Steps to reproduce:

Using Thunderbird 24.2.0 with British/UK localisation the software repeatedly creates IMAP folder INBOX.Deleted on start-up. The issue has been covered here, but no bug was submitted — see

The British localisation has the Trash folder renamed as Deleted. This in itself isn’t an issue (although in the UK we call trash rubbish, so the folder would have been better named ‘Rubbish’ rather than ‘Trash’). However, when you set-up an email account and access the Server Settings —> ‘When I delete a message:’ option, the default folder is listed as ‘Trash’, which isn’t listed in the Thunderbird UI. Browsing to the account’s ‘Deleted’ folder is valid as a target, but at that point, when Thunderbird restarts it creates an IMAP folder INBOX.Deleted, which is then listed in the account’s IMAP folder.

There is no way to go back and change the folder back to ‘Trash’. Deletion of messages locally and on the IMAP server is not impacted.

Actual results:

As described above. Via my IMAP server’s web interface it’s possible to either delete the INBOX.Deleted folder or unsubscribe from it. As the IMAP server that I’m using uses Trash as the folder to contain deleted messages, the US version of Thunderbird doesn’t have any problems, and if mixing UK and US versions of the software via different hosts to access IMAP services doesn’t causes any problems, the US version not listing the INBOX.Deleted folder if it’s been unsubscribed from on the IMAP server.

Expected results:

It appears that the work to localise the UK version is incomplete. Thunderbird should have logically mapped the IMAP server's Trash folder to the local Deleted folder without creating a Deleted folder on the IMAP server.

The easiest fix would be to remove references to the Deleted folder in the UK version of Thunderbird and reinstate Trash. This is no real hardship -- everyone understands the concept, and on OSX, which uses the Trash basket for deleted files, the function of the folder is clear. In itself, the issue is purely cosmetic, because deleting messages via the Deleted folder still works, and the IMAP server's Trash folder is emptied. The problem is actually the creation of the rogue IMAP server for some reason.

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4 years ago
This behaviour also seems to be present in the 24.3.0 release.


3 years ago
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2 years ago
Clem, do you still see this problem when using version 38?
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2 years ago
There have been several updates to Thunderbird since I reported the issue. Via my ISP's webmail interface I can mask/hide the offending folder by unsubscribing from it. I believe that in order to re-test I need to do the following:

1) Close Thunderbird
2) Using the webmail interface delete the folder
3) Start thunderbird and see if the issue returns

Before I test, is there anything else that you need me to do/steps to include?



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2 years ago
Sorry, forgot to mention -- I'm using version 38.1.0.
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2 years ago
Since you asked, a imap log with setting

Comment 6

2 years ago
Created attachment 8646627 [details]
Requested imap trace log file

As requested, here's the imap:5 trace log. In my brief test I didn't see the rogue folder. However, a previous copy of the folder was in the trash, left there by the webmail interface that I use. Thunderbird couldn't delete that.

Comment 7

2 years ago
wada, Anything notable in the log?

(Thanks Clem)
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Attachment #8646627 - Attachment mime type: text/x-log → text/plain
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(In reply to Clem Dye from comment #6)
> Requested imap trace log file

Log content.
> Naamespace response 
>   NAMESPACE (("INBOX." ".")) NIL (("#shared." ".")("shared." "."))
> LIST responce
>   4 list "" "INBOX.*"
>   * LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.INBOX.Deleted"
>   * LIST (\HasNoChildren) "." "INBOX.Trash.Deleted"

"Delete under INBOX under INBOX" surely exists at server, so it's shown as an Mbox by Thunderbird.
Whaat's wrong in Thunderbird?

Because PersonalNameSpace="INBOX.", if user requested "create of XXX at top level INBOX", Mbox of "creation of INBOX.XXX" is requested by Thunderbird.
If user requested "create of INBOX/XXX at top level INBOX", or if user requested "create of INBOX/XXX at the imap account", it's creaation request of "INBOX.INBOX/XXX(==INBOX.INBOX.XXX for server)" according to PersonalNameSpace="INBOX.".
To bug opener: Did you do this?

Comment 9

2 years ago
In response to the question posed above, no I did nothing special. I'd previously been using a US-language version of Thunderbird on an my old Mac, and when I got a newer machine installed the UK-language/locale version. When I re-entered my settings to connect to my ISP's mail server that's when I saw the issue. Thunderbird created the additional folders without any prompting or action on my part. Via my ISP's webmail interface I can delete the spurious folders, but then every time Thunderbird was restarted on my Mac, the duff (and not as in beer) folders would reappear. I fixed the issue via my ISP by forcing an unsubscribe of them. That way, Thunderbird doesn't seem to try and recreate/manage them and they are effectively hidden from Thunderbird's view. I did not see this issue using the US locale version of the software, only when I switched to the UK localed version did the issue appear, and of course, this could have been pure coincidence/version specific.
What string did you set in following entry of prefs.js?
  (a) mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name = Trash
  (b) mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name = Inbox/Trash
  (c) mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name = Deleted
  (d) mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name = Inbox/Delete

If you select existent INBOX/Trash or Inbox/Deleted at trash folder selection UI(Server Settings), mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name =(b) Inbox/Trash or (d) Inbox/Delete is set by UI of Tb.
When PersonalNameSpace="INBOX.", this means trash folder = INBOX.INBOX.Trash or INBOX.INBOX.Deleted for Tb's UX code.
If PersonalNameSpace="INBOX.", mail.server.server#.trash_folder_name should be (a) Trash or (c) Deleted,
This mismatch between Tb's UI code and Tb's UX code is already known as Tb's bug.
See bug 491424 and bug bug 480393.

Did you do this?

Comment 11

2 years ago
Via the UI, I set (c) - all junk mail goes to Deleted folder, which for the UK locale replaced the Trash option that I would have used if I'd installed the US locale version. I'm away from home right now but will upload the prefs.js extract to confirm my settings as soon as I can.
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