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There are at least two problems here. First, addresses use lower case letters, but the script is looking for upper case letters, so any address with a letter doesn't get converted.  Second, when you run atos, it spews out a warning, which confuses the script:

Warning: /usr/bin/atos is moving and will be removed from a future OS X release.
It is now available in the Xcode developer tools to be invoked via: `xcrun atos`
To silence this warning, pass the '-d' command-line flag to this tool.

I should either figure out how this xcrun thing should work (though maybe that will break older versions of OSX?), or just kick the can down the road and pass in '-d'.
With those fixed, the script actually seems to fix every line properly, at least in a simple test.
Can you upload your patch?
Regexp change looks good. For the "xcrun" change, maybe we can find someone with 10.8 to check that it still works on 10.8?
jwatt, njn said you know stuff about Xcode?  Do you have any idea what version "xcrun" was introduced by any chance?  I want to know if I can just unilaterally change a script over to do "xcrun atos" instead of "atos".
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Sorry, that's not something I know.
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xcrun lives on my somewhat-oldish XCode installation (4.4?  4.6?), on OS X 10.7.5.  The in-tree mozboot uses it.  I think it's safe to say it's been around for a while.
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Maybe njn can get to this first.
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