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Request: Nightly FirefoxOS engineering builds for nexus-4, please


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It appears that FirefoxOS user builds for nexus-4 are created nightly and stored on I can use these builds to flash my nexus 4 and run FirefoxOS. But it doesn't give me root, so the phone is useless for Gaia development.  

The gecko and gonk developers probably already create their own builds and don't care about the nightlies.  But building kernels is not a good use of time for gaia developers.

Given that we are not sharing these builds outside of mozilla, I would guess that at least half of the people who want to use nexus 4 builds are gaia developers who need rooted builds.

Could we produce these automatically, please?

I know that nexus-4 is not really an officially supported platform, but right now, on the Media Frontend team, we need to use nexus 4 for our 1.4 camera work and for NFC work as well.
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David, is this primarily to help with MWC preparations or is this going to be useful beyond that time as well (after we've moved over to reference devices as our primary dev hardware)?
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Developers on the front end media team have recently acquired nexus 4 devices for our work with NFC and Camera. This is a stopgap until we have reference devices, but is not specifically tied to MWC.

I actually don't know what the camera specs on the reference device are. We may need to continue to use nexus 4s for work on the Madai camera because it may support features that our new reference device does not.
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Duplicate of this bug: 978923
+1 - We need this ASAP to run integration tests for Madai.
Our partner is writing integration tests and they use Nexus4 devices. Can we prioritize this?
I've been asked to weigh in here to get a better understanding of the need here. Questions:

1. Why do we need engineering builds for test automation? Integration tests to my understanding run on b2g desktop builds right now, not on device. The only on device automation we've got is Gaia UI Tests, which are only planned to be ran on the target reference device of the release (1.3 = Buri, 1.4 = Flame).

2. Do we know why the user builds don't have root access? Can we change our build generation process for user builds to have root access by default?
jsmith: In particular, our partner is writing integration tests on Nexus4 for the Camera app. The Camera app cannot be tested on b2g desktop and needs to run on the device.
Any update on getting these builds automated?
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Worked in staging.
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in production
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Review of attachment 8392469 [details] [diff] [review]:

Sorry, should have caught that the first time around.
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I updated the B2G-flash-tool to allow these new ENG builds to be flashed through there. Can you please review and/or merge this patch? Thanks!
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GitHub Pull Request - B2G-flash-tool

I am definitely not an appropriate reviewer for this.
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(In reply to Aki Sasaki [:aki] from comment #14)
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> n4eng-tbpl-symbol

In production :)
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