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What happens if a content process sends AddNewProcess?


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As I understand it, the AddNewProcess message of the PContent protocol is used by the Nuwa process after it forks a content process, to make the parent create a new ContentParent and connect it to the cloned protocols.

But we seem to not be checking that the message is sent by Nuwa.  I don't know what happens if a content process sends it, but there might be security implications.  I think there isn't a legitimate reason for that to happen, but I don't know this code very well.

It should be simple to check for IsNuwaProcess() in RecvAddNewProcess, if that's the case.
The patch is simple, and doesn't affect normal operation.

I don't have a test case that tries to send AddNewProcess from an untrusted child, and I still don't know what the potential security exposure is if this isn't fixed… but I don't see why that needs to block the fix.
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We're using Nuwa on 1.3T, so we'd want this patch there (but not 1.3, as I understand it).   The patch should be very low-risk, because nothing that isn't the Nuwa process calls SendAddNewProcess.
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Nice catch! It's bad that a compromised content process can potentially crash the chrome process by sending the AddNewProcess() message with an empty file descriptor set. We should also add this check to ContentParent::OnNuwaReady() to check if Nuwa-related operations really come from the Nuwa process. Jed, are you going to update the patch to also check ContentParent::OnNuwaReady()?
(In reply to Cervantes Yu from comment #3)
> We should also add this check to ContentParent::OnNuwaReady() to
> check if Nuwa-related operations really come from the Nuwa process.

Good point; I'll update the patch.
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Looks good to me.
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Please request approval-mozilla-b2g28 on this patch for uplift to v1.3.
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NOTE: This flag is now for security issues only. Please see to better understand the B2G approval process and landings.

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Bug caused by (feature/regressing bug #):
User impact if declined: If combined with a sec-critical bug, would allow a compromised content process to crash the entire phone, and privilege escalation hasn't been ruled out yet.
Testing completed:
Risk to taking this patch (and alternatives if risky): None; our code will never send these messages from a non-Nuwa process
String or UUID changes made by this patch: None.
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(In reply to Jed Davis [:jld] from comment #10)
> Testing completed:

Ignore the Hf and V failures; they're not supported on Gecko 28 as far as I can tell, and I didn't think to exclude them from the try run.
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