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Tweak the nav pane


(Webtools :: DXR, defect)

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(Whiteboard: js css easy)

* Start open.
* Open and close about twice as fast.
* Add the missing right border.
* Soften colors to blend into the rest of the UI. It's the only white-on-black header remaining and really jumps out, though it's by no means the most important thing on the page. The menu options could be made slightly grey like the Filters menu to give it less contrast than the code itself (which is the most important thing).
* Remove the Diff icon if the other VCS menu items don't get icons.
* There's a subtle shift in width as the menu opens. Let's take that further: be super narrow--just wide enough to show the word "Navigation"--when closed. Really get out of the way.
* Extra credit: pin to the viewport so we can access it when scrolled deep into the file.
++ for the last item, although we have to figure out what to do when the nav pane is longer than the page, which is most of the time - scroll bar in the nave pane, I guess
Whiteboard: js css → js css easy
Commit pushed to master at
Do nav panel hiding (and showing) server-side. Speed up the transitions as well. Refs bug 968020. Bump format version.

There's no reason to bring JS into this. Now we shouldn't have to wait for the whole, long page of source code to display before we can see the nav.

Also remove a hard-coded-true test and an unused block from the file template and a useless test for 0 length.

Bump the format version. Otherwise, the discloser on the nav pane is always in the wrong state.
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