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Missing null pointer checks in LayerTransactionParent::RecvUpdate


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See dependent bugs: many crashes found by Gfx IPC fuzzing as plain null pointer dereferences in LayerTransactionParent::RecvUpdate() that could be easily averted by plain old null checks.
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Add missing null checks in LayerTransactionParent

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This makes the code a lot more verbose and I'm worried that we might forget one of these null checks in the future. Can we do better?
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I still don't see an alternative. The pointers we're null-checking here are originally null in the default state of PLayer actors. They only become non-null as a result of earlier messages (Edit::TOpCreate*). So, to reproduce the present null situation, a client just needs to send e.g. a Edit::TOpInsertAfter with a PLayer that hadn't been previously been created by a Edit::TOpCreate*.

In other words, this is just a manifestation of the familiar idiom that stateful APIs drag in compulsory stupid error handling.

Do you see a better alternative?
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Add missing null checks in LayerTransactionParent

I would like to either land this or be given a specific other approach to take. Feel free to redirect the review if needed.
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Jrmuizel told me "r+" offline and I landed without realizing that the r+ was not yet officialized on bugzilla. Don't back me out for now...
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