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Project Blackhole ( is intended to become a centralized repository of volunteer contributions across Mozilla projects. Both AMO and Marketplace benefit from having discrete and measurable contributions through their review programs, so it would be really good if we can connect with that project.

We contacted Josh and he already did the work on their side:

Whoever is doing webdev for the tool used for reviews can now add code to POST the following JSON data:

  'email': [email address of reviewer],
  'datetime': [timestamp of review (eg. datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp in python)],
  'source': 'amo reviews' (or something similarly consistent and descriptive),
  'canonical': [URL to the review or something],
  'extra': { ... arbitrary JSON object with whatever extra information could be useful for searching, filtering, measuring, etc. ... }

The URL to which the data should be posted is 

We would just need to submit the historical data and set up some way to keep it up to date. I'll propose some possible values for those fields in an upcoming comment.
I'm concerned about sending private user data (email address) over plain text to a 3rd party - pretty sure that's against our privacy policy.  I'd be more comfortable creating a feed wormhole/blackhole could consume anyway, rather than making AMO post to random webpages.
How would you feel submitting that data to a service like Pulse ( instead? That would make me much happier than writing yet another scraper + cron job combo.
Summary: Integrate reviewer contributions with Project Blackhole → Integrate reviewer contributions with Project Baloo
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