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Australis add-ons contest graphic


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>>Project/Request Title:
Australis add-ons contest graphic

>>Project Overview:
We are running an add-ons contest to coincide with the release of Australis. The goals are to drum up excitement for the new toolbar and tab changes, showcase add-ons that work well in the new design and call attention to its flexibility.

>>Creative Specs & Deliverables:
We need a graphic to use on the AMO homepage and blog, in both PSD and PNG formats, in the following sizes:

748 x 271
650 x 250

The contest runs from March 11 - April 15, so we'll need the graphic no later than March 4 (one week before the contest starts).

Here are the contest details:

Here is proposed content for the graphic, but I'm open to suggestions:

Create add-ons for Firefox's new look
Win a Firefox OS phone and Mozilla gear!
Contest details >

For imagery, maybe show a screen capture of Australis and the add-ons puzzle piece?

>>Launch Date:

>>Creative Due Date:

>>Mozilla Goal:
Firefox Deskop

>>Points of Contact:
Hi Amy, 

Assigning this over to Matt.
Assignee: jbalaco → mternoway
Hi, I just wanted to see if we're still on track for 3/4. Would it be possible to see a draft before then? Thanks
Hi Amy, I am still on pace for 3/4, but won't be able to get anything till end of day Monday at the earliest.
Attached image AMO_Australis_contest_748x271.jpg (obsolete) —
Hi Amy, I've attached an example of a layout for the new Add-ons contest.  The idea is to play off of Australis with the use of the night sky/stars along with various glyphs to represent an array of add-ons. Let me know what you think!

This looks great--thanks Matt!
Attached image AMO_Australis_contest_650x250.jpg (obsolete) —
Thanks Amy. Here is the 650x250 version as well.
Thanks! Will you also attach the 748x271 version without the AMO homepage wrapper around it?
Attached image AMO_Australis_contest_748x271.jpg (obsolete) —
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Sorry Matt, I forgot about one other size we needed: 862x271
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Attached image AMO_Australis_contest_862x271.jpg (obsolete) —
Hey Amy, I've attached both an example layout as well as the background itself for the 862x271px banner.
Attached image Current Australis (obsolete) —
Hmm. FYI, these images seem to have been made using a significantly older version of Australis. Here's a screenshot of what it currently looks like, notice that the icon next to the bookmark-star has changed, and there's a new separator next to the 3-line panel-menu button.
Hi Justin, thanks for flagging. Would you be able to pass along a full version similar to the layout I have in the mockups?

Sure. Here's a screenshot from a fresh build, with Firefox branding.
Attachment #8387033 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Your originals show that a new tab is selected, but also that the new tab has been bookmarked (the star is yellow). I don't know if that's intentional, but it's certainly a little special because AFAIK you can't bookmark the new tab page.

In case the yellow star is desired, here's a smaller grab that can easily be pasted overtop.

Also, the window size in the last screenshot should sized to easily replace the original, just needs scaled down 40%.
Thanks for passing along, Justin. These will work great!
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Hi Amy, 

I believe you have the artfiles you need for this. I'm going to go ahead and resolve. Please reopen if you need anything else.
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