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dump() doesn't support non-ASCII message on Windows


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Windows 8.1
Not set





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Because the system code page is not UTF-8 on Windows.
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Can you add console service?

Also, outside the scope but it would be really cool to have a flag passed to PrintToDebugger indicating the source of the output.

I'd like to add a registry flag check to PrintToDebugger at some point that turns this on even when a debugger isn't present. Then we could use tools like DebugView to look at output without having to connect a debugger. We're using a flag like this with the command execute handler which has proven invaluable in debugging startup issues -
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patch v2

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::: xpcom/base/Debug.cpp
@@ +52,5 @@
> +#endif
> +
> +#ifndef XP_WIN
> +    if (!(aOptions & kPrintToStream)) {
> +      return;

Oops, I forgot nsMemory::Free(cstr); here. I'll fix this before landing.
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- Added a documentation to the option flags.
- Stop using a raw pointer so that we can't forget to free the memory.
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patch v3

>+void mozilla::PrintToDebugger(const nsAString& aStr, FILE* aStream,
>+                              LogOptions aOptions)
>+  nsString msg(aStr);
>+  if (aOptions & kPrintNewLine) {
>+    msg.AppendLiteral("\n");
>+  }
I've always wanted to limit the output of OutputDebugString, as WinDbg hangs if you feed it very long lines. Assuming that this is the only remaining call, this gives me a nice central spot to do this, but I don't know whether it would be generally useful.
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Backed out due to a huge tp5 regression.
Depends on: 971167
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Merge of backout:
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Blocks: 972250
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