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Print something more useful after the filename when a jittest fails


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When a jittest fails, we print "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js | --commandline-options".

I understand that sometimes the commandline options are a significant factor in the failure, that it's always failing with --ion-eager and that's An Clue, but...

* often it isn't, and putting them there says to people starring and filing that they should (though they mostly won't, and mostly shouldn't) file a new bug if there is a bug for "--baseline-eager --no-ti --no-fpu" but their failure was on "--baseline-eager --no-ti".

* tbpl's "I found a filename and should search for all failures in that filename" detection depends on there being something after the second pipe, so "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js | --commandline-options" is a failure in filename.js and the suggestions are every intermittent-failure bug with filename.js in the summary, but "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js |" (which we also run, no options, so we also hit) is not, it's a no-idea-what-test thing which calls for searching for the full line of the failure, which means that unlike every single other failure which clearly has a filename in it, jittest failure bugs must be filed with the "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL" and the full path in the summary, and they maybe don't work even then.

Judging by the other stuff output around the failure line in the logs, the harness knows whether it was a timeout or some other sort of failure, which seems like a very significant bit of information, and our minds tend to wander pretty quickly while starring, so I'd expect that

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js | Timeout (with "--no-ti")
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js | Timeout (with "--no-ti --no-fpu")
TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | filename.js | Assertion failure: 0 == rv (with "")

would get the desired result, one bug on filename.js timing out, and one bug on filename.js having an assertion failure.
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::: js/src/tests/lib/
@@ +383,5 @@
>      # INFO stdout          > baz
>      # INFO stderr         2> TypeError: or something
>      # TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Test execution interrupted by user
> +    result = "TEST-PASS" if ok else "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL"
> +    message = "Success" if ok else res.descript_failure()

Spelling ("descript")
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Will teach me to make last minute name changes. Retested locally for good measure, should be goodness.
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