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[tracker] change /feedback/ to be a product picker page


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As we add new products to leave feedback for, our ability to infer which product someone is using gets worse. It's probably at the point where it's mediocre already except for Firefox desktop.

Further, our current system prevents someone from leaving feedback for a product they're not currently using. E.g. using Firefox desktop to leave feedback for Firefox OS.

We want to change /feedback/ to be a product picker page. It would show the list of products from the products table and let users pick the product they want to leave feedback for.

If the user comes in with a product url, they will skip this page and go directly to leaving feedback.

Cheng mentioned possibly having a link allowing them to go to the product picker if they want to leave feedback for a different product.

This bug covers figuring out all the details and implementing them.
I'm putting this in the 2014q2 sprint. Doing this will clean up some goofy things we're doing and would make life easier for users who want to leave feedback. The use cases this addresses come up periodically.
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This depends on bug #970337 because we need to make sure Firefox Desktop is using a product url before we go change the url they are currently using. Further, we probably want to push this out until after that change has made it to release. Given that, I'm nixing the sprint data.
Depends on: 970337
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Bug #970337 is marked fixed and will land in Firefox 30. So we just need to wait until then before we can do this work.
Created a product picker page for testing, but we can turn it into what we need for this bug when the time is right.

This is going to be great and make way more sense. Let me know if you need anything from me.
The cyoa prototype landed in master in

I pushed it to production just now. It's not linked to anything, so to access it you have to explicitly put it in your url bar.

This version is just for testing purposes. I'll keep this bug open to cover overhauling it so it works for users and to switch it in for the first page of the /feedback/ sequence. Plus we should probably use this for the unknown product page, too.
Turning this into a tracker and making it depend on all the bugs I think we need to get done for this.
Depends on: 986071, 978770, 985491, 977270
Priority: -- → P1
Summary: change /feedback/ to be a product picker page → [tracker] change /feedback/ to be a product picker page
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Depends on: 1002589
Depends on: 1009784
Depends on: 933390
Bumping this to 2014q3.
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This is a tracker, so it shouldn't have whiteboard data. Removing that now.
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Depends on: 1097204
This is all set! Marking FIXED!
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