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Audio and video recording tools for recording instances of bugs and quality issues


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To allow capturing and analyzing of reproducible audio or video problems experienced in a call we should have:
- a list of audio and video recording tools available per platform
- instructions how to capture with these tools
Blocks: 970426
As my CS call audio quality experience, we may need to sniffer the uplink/downlink audio package at the same time
before and after sound processing block.
So we can use pcm analysis tool like audacity to listen and analysis the voice quality issue.
Mostly desktop - for mobile, best solution might be a phone of digital camera recording video, pointed at the screen of the mobile device.

-> nils, but feel free to proxy this to other QA members to dig out.  These tools are also likely useful for QA in reporting Web Audio and media element bugs (and perhaps dynamics of menus/etc)
Assignee: nobody → drno
Summary: Audio and video recording tools available → Audio and video recording tools for recording instances of bugs and quality issues
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [p=2]
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla32
Starting to collect tools here in raw before writing up a wiki page:

Mac OSX:
 Video: Quick Time Player
 Audio: Soundflower in combination with Quick Time Player
I created the following section on the WebRTC QA page:
We can update it, extend it or move to another place if desired.
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