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Add android:summary text to Customize > Home


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It's the first item in the list, which puts it fairly near the Android "up stack" button location. Even knowing what I was looking for, the phrasing confused me into thinking this would take me 'home'.

Can we reword this to "Home pages" or something like that? (And ideally add a subtext "Change which pages appear when you start Firefox"?)
Summary: Customize > Home is misleadingly worded → Customize > Home is confusingly worded
Let's just use the subtitle text to give a hint as to the purpose, instead of trying to let one or two words convey the entire intent. "Home" is fine as a main title IMO.
I'm convinced using the suggestion from bug 965377 would solve many of these issues.
Yeah, that's what mfinkle and I were referring to when we said "subtext". Thanks for the bug link, Aaron!
Depends on: 965377
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Ian what do you want do?
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If we want strings, this will have to be 30. Subtext sounds like the right way to go.

Title: Home

Additional subtext suggestions:
- Select which home panels Firefox shows
- Select which home panels to show
- Select your home pages for Firefox

Alternative suggestions because we display the home panel pages whenever enter editing mode, not just on startup.

The use of "home panels" as a term might be confusing; once we support setting arbitrary urls as a home panel, we could use "home pages", but that's not in v1.
Thanks for nudging this along, Chenxia. I like yours, though I'm not sure "home panels" is a super clear concept to express to users yet. I've suggested a few  options below, the first one is more specific and the second two are more general. Let me know what you folks think.

Choose what to show on your homepage

Customize your homepage experience

Customize your homepage
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(In reply to Ian Barlow (:ibarlow) from comment #7)

> Home
> Customize your homepage

I like this one. It's general, tells me it's about customization, but doesn't give too much detail which could become stale or might be confusing.
Depends on: 978825
Awesome. We should do bug 978825 (add a summary to "Search") at the same time as this
Sounds good to me! My only concern with using homepage as a term is that we don't actually support "setting your homepage" in the usual sense (and I recall strong complaints about this); co-opting the term "homepage" seems a little confusing in that respect, but let's see how people feel about it!

Removing tracking 29, since we're adding strings.
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At some point we should probably allow you to really set your homepage. Some users want it…

(We'd need some perf fakery, though.)
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I do not disagree :)
Summary: Customize > Home is confusingly worded → Add android:summary text to Customize > Home
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The summary text to Customize > Home is:
Customize your homepage

so, verified as fixed on:
Build: Firefox for Android 35.0a1 (29-09-2014)
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 4.4)
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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