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Request to change localization on create/enter PIN screen



4 years ago
4 years ago


(Reporter: krupa, Assigned: Gabor Kelemen)


Gonk (Firefox OS)
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affects-tel +




4 years ago
Telenor has requested that for Magyar locale, we change 

"Adja meg a PIN-­‐kódot" to "Adja meg PIN-kódját"

Please review this request.

more info @ https://bug967499.bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=8370038
Hi Gabor and KAMI,

Could you please take a look of the request, but also review the link that points to a file attachment to confirm on the recommended change requests.

If you disagree with any, please indicate which ones so we can find the ones that are acceptable by both sides.

If changes are indeed made, we need to make sure we change those in the repositories.  We can do that after you review the list.

Assignee: pmo → kelemeng

Comment 2

4 years ago
Hi Peiying

I can look into these this weekend, thanks for letting us know about the feedback.
At first glance these suggestions look sane and reasonable.

One thing though: is it possible to translate "Marketplace"? It's the first request in the PDF, but also a trademark or something like that according to bug 900470. 
However, I can see that most of the target audience won't understand this word: thanks to foreign investors (and creative local marketing departments :)), there are lots of Shops, Stores, Plazas, Super- and Hypermarkets, but no Marketplaces, which have only a totally Hungarian name ("piac").

Meanwhile: is it possible to set up direct communication with the Telenor folks who sent these requests? I think it would make any work faster. Of course if you don't like to be excluded from communication, then this won't work.

Comment 3

4 years ago
First of all, thank you for the feedback.

First page / 1st row:
As Gábor said before Marketplace is a reserved word. Unfortunately it hasn't got meaning in Hungarian. All other variant of selling places understandable for Hungarians :/ Since this is a reserved word we cannot change to Áruház or Mozilla Áruház (or Firefox Áruház). [Marketplace and Gaia affected]

Next 3 suggestions are about Fizetés -> Vásárlás with more cotext. I think these are great suggestions so we should use them. [Marketplace affected]


Second page / 2nd row:
„Telepíti:” - Shorter and I cannot see a big difference. We can use it. [Gaia affected]

3rd row:
„Adja meg a PIN‐kódot” - I think we should use the original term and check the translation to use PIN-kód (and PUK-kód format) [Gaia affected]

4th row:
„Vásárlás jóváhagyása” is OK!

My suggestion (based on Telenor version): Az összeg {variable} egyenlegéből kerül levonásra vagy <a href="">fizessen bankkártyával</a>.

„Vásárlás” is OK (if it fit on the button). [Marketplace affected]


Third page / 2nd row:

„Általános Szolgáltatási Feltételek” is good but ling. However if line break is allowed here we can use it. [Marketplace affected]

Peiying, I think we got a separated bug about the translate this long text by lawyers. Do you have any information about it?

3rd row:
The suggestion is okay. The only question why the original is in English? [Marketplace affected]

4th row:
We decided to use app instead of alkalmazás. The translation is acceptable however i would use this: Az app a későbbiek folyamán is telepíthető az eredeti telepítési forrásból.  [Gaia affected]

Fourth page / 2nd row:
Let's use: „Vásárlási lehetőségek beállítása” [Marketplace affected]

* Is it possible to fix these in 1.3 timeframe? AFAIK ALCATEL phones will get 1.3 firmware.
* What about to ask Telenor folks to join Bugzilla and let's discuss their suggestions?
* It is much easier to take and read screenshot created on the phone via HOME+POWER shortcut.
* Marketplace is reserved word.
* All other suggestions is very good. Thank you for your feedback!
* PDF is not optimal to copy and paste the text from it. Do we have better option?


4 years ago
Priority: -- → P3


4 years ago
Flags: affects-tel+

Comment 4

4 years ago
The change in comment 0 has been done in https://github.com/mozilla/webpay/commit/24b2cb, but leaving open for the other comments.
I will mark this bug fixed.  

Privacy Notice and Terms of Use are live now - these are translated by lawyers (not localization agency.  Do provide  feedback if there is anything you feel need to be changed: 

If there is any more issue, let's file them separately and indicate which component the issue comes from.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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