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For bugs filed against Trunk, automatically set 'affected' release-tracking flags


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Al Billings says he spends lots of time setting release-tracking flags for trunk bugs. This seems silly because Bugzilla could do it automatically:

A) When a trunk bug is filed, set current version as 'affected'
B) When a merge occurs, set the old trunk version as 'affected'

(I'm not sure which corresponds more closely with how the flags are used)
We run into the issue a lot where bugs are filed off of "mozilla central" but then triagers like me need to mark whatever version status flag corresponds to central as "affected" for tracking purposes. This becomes very tedious as a hand done process. It would be good if we could set this automatically in some fashion to remove the manual component.
i'd like to get confirmation of the details of your request.
is the following what you mean?

on the non-guided enter_bug page:

  if the status-firefox* tracking flags are applicable to the current product
     and the selected version is ("trunk" or the highest numbered status-firefox* field)
     and the status is not UNCONFIRMED
    set the value of the highest numbered status-firefox* field to "affected"
    ensure the "set bug flags" div is expanded
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That is a solution that would work.
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I'm not thrilled about the "Expand the 'set bug flags'" part. It would pretty much always be expanded, making the page much longer and messier.

Why would someone file a bug against trunk and NOT want the trunk version set to affected?
Poking this a year later.
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sorry, this request was lost in the pile'o'work.
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- moves building of component --> visible flag from template to perl
- migrate from yui to jquery
- implement comment 2 minus auto expanding of the 'set bug fields' div
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confirmed that it does what it says on the tin. It's also > 100ms faster.
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Summary: For bugs filed against Trunk, automatically set 'affected' and 'fixed' release-tracking flags → For bugs filed against Trunk, automatically set 'affected' release-tracking flags
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